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Middlefield Mutual Fund Family  
Middlefield Income Plus Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 800 / LL:MID 849 / DSC:MID 850 / F Series:MID 801
Provides stable income and capital preservation through a diversified portfolio of equity and fixed-income securities.
Groppe Tactical Energy Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 125 / LL:MID 127 / DSC:MID 130 / F Series:MID 126
Leveraging the strong track record of Middlefield and expertise of Groppe, Long & Littell, this fund invests in the international oil and gas sector.
Middlefield Precious Metals Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 170 / LL:MID 174 / DSC:MID 175 / F Series:MID 171
Provides long-term growth of capital by investing in securities of companies that are engaged in the exploration and production of precious metals.
ActiveIndex REIT Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 600 / LL:MID 649 / DSC:MID 650 / F Series:MID 601
Provides a stable level of income through an investment strategy which combines indexing and active portfolio management and entails investing primarily in securities of the Canadian real estate sector.
Middlefield Canadian High Yield Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 300 / LL:MID 349 / DSC:MID 350 / F Series:MID 301
Invests in high yielding Canadian securities focusing on fixed income.
Middlefield Global Agriculture Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 161 / LL:MID 163 / DSC:MID 166 / F Series:MID 162
Invests in securities with high growth potential operating in the agricultural sector and employs a value-oriented strategy.
Middlefield Global Infrastructure Fund   Fund codes: FE:MID 510 / LL:MID 519 / DSC:MID 520 / F Series:MID 501
Maximizes long-term total return by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies that own, develop, maintain or are involved in the global infrastructure sector.
Middlefield Canadian Dividend Growth Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 148 / LL:MID 449 / DSC:MID 450 / F Series:MID 149
Invests in Canadian equity income securities with high growth potential.
Middlefield Uranium Focused Metals Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 210 / LL:MID 219 / DSC:MID 220
  Invests in securities of companies engaged in the exploration and production of uranium and other metals and minerals.
Middlefield Short-Term Income Class    Fund codes: FE:MID 400 / LL:MID 424 / DSC:MID 425
Provides interest income, while emphasizing capital preservation and liquidity by investing in high quality fixed-income securities with maturities of generally not more than three years.
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