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  Globe & Mail: Shane Obata, Why it pays to take a barbell approach amid the COVID-19 pandemic   
  Wealth Professional: Winners today, winners tomorrow   
  The Wall Street Journal: Covid-19 Pandemic Drives Patients-and Deal Makers-to Telemedicine   
  Middlefield's Dean Orrico: Winners and Losers in the Post-Pandemic Market - The case for Active Management   
  The Wall Street Journal: Cloud Spending Hits Record Amid Economic Fallout From Covid-19   
  Financial Post: Right now, it's big tech's world and everyone else is paying rent   
  The Wall Street Journal: Investor Appetite for Tech Buyout Funds Continues Despite Pandemic   
  The Wall Street Journal: Tech Stock Rally Isn't Out of Juice   
  CNBC: Big tech went from growth stocks to wall streets treasury bond substitute   
  Financial Post: What Lululemon's $500 million deal to buy Mirror says about the future of exercising at home   
  Shane Obata tells the Globe & Mail his top cyclical stock picks   
  Technology and Communications Update – January, 2020   
  Wealth Professional: Shane Obata, Embracing the new staples   
  Wealth Professional: Dean Orrico, Why Middlefield Capital is relishing return of volatility   
  Wealth Professional: Rob Lauzon, Dividend play   
  Middlefield Group opens TSX April 11, 2018 for new Global Innovation fund (TSX:BL.UN).   
  Globe and Mail: The ride of the future   
  Bloomberg: Blockchain Pumping New Life Into Old-School Companies Like IBM   
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