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Global Innovation
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Global Innovation Dividend Fund will provide a diversified, actively managed portfolio comprised primarily of dividend-paying securities of global issuers focused on, involved in, or that derive a significant portion of their revenue from, the development or commercialization of products or services related to major technological innovations including the use of blockchain technology.

The initial target distribution yield for the Fund is 4% per annum based on the original subscription price (or $0.033 per unit per month or $0.40 per unit per annum).

TSX Symbol BL.UN
Distribution Frequency Monthly
Closing Date March 23, 2018
Eligibility RRSPs, DPSPs, RDSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs and RESPs
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Global Innovation
Global Innovation IPO
Lead Portfolio Managers
Shane Obata
Shane Obata
View Bio
Rob Lauzon
Robert F. Lauzon
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Paul Sagawa
Mr. Paul Sagawa
Exclusive Industry Advisor:

Mr. Paul Sagawa, a leading research analyst focused on the technology sector, including Blockchain, with over 20 years of experience will provide the Fund with expert analysis and opinion.
Global Innovation
Middlefield Group opens TSX April 11, 2018 for new Global Innovation fund (TSX:BL.UN).
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Middlefield Group opens TSX April 11, 2018 for new Global Innovation fund (TSX:BL.UN). 
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