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TSX-Listed Funds
As of March 15, 2022, the fund was converted to an Exchange-Traded Fund.
Sustainable Infrastructure Dividend Fund Archive
The investment objectives of Sustainable Infrastructure Dividend Fund are to provide holders of Units with:
(i) stable monthly cash distributions, and
(ii) enhanced long-term total return through capital appreciation of the Fund's investment portfolio
through a diversified, actively managed portfolio comprised primarily of dividend paying securities of global issuers focused on, involved in, or that derive a significant portion of their revenue from physical infrastructure assets, which the advisor believes will generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for the fund due to the tangible, difficult to replicate, long-term nature of such assets and their ability to shape and support global economic activity. In addition, the portfolio will be focused on sustainable infrastructure by investing in securities of issuers whose infrastructure assets the advisor believes have been developed and operated taking into account environmental, social and governance considerations.
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