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Resource Funds
MRF 2006 Resource Limited Partnership
CUSIP #: 624742102
The objectives of the Partnership are to provide investors with capital appreciation and significant tax benefits to enhance after-tax returns, including the deductibility of 100% of their original investment. The Partnership intends to achieve these objectives by investing in a diversified portfolio of flow-through common shares of companies involved primarily in Canadian oil and gas or mining exploration, development and production.
Capital gains estimates for the 2008 Tax Year (December 2008) 
See the Prospectus (February 15, 2006) 

Middlefield Mutual Funds
We are pleased to announce the following Middlefield mutual funds have been awarded a 5-star rating by Globefund (February 29, 2008): Middlefield Canadian Balanced Class (since 2007, this Fund has been a 1st quartile performer), Middlefield Enhanced Yield Fund, Middlefield Income Plus Class (this Fund has been a consistent 1st quartile performer over the past 7 years, with the exception of 2006) and Middlefield U.S. Growth Class (since 2007, this Fund has been a 1st quartile performer).

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