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MIDDLEFIELD® Flow-Through LPs  
MIDDLEFIELD® has acted as agent or manager for over $2.5 billion of resource sector investments since commencing activity in this sector in 1983. MIDDLEFIELD® also has developed extensive expertise in the utilization of tax-advantaged forms of investment vehicles such as limited partnerships and flow-through share funds. Middlefield's resource experience includes: the management of 65 limited partnerships which invested in flow-through shares of resource companies; the management of a co-venture and two limited partnerships which own assets engaged in energy production, exploration and development; the co-founding of Morrison Middlefield Resources Limited (MMRL); and the management of several open-end and closed-end funds which focus on the resources sectors.
MIDDLEFIELD® Flow-Through LPs are designed to provide investors with capital appreciation and significant tax benefits to enhance after-tax returns, including the deductibility of 100% of their original investment in the year of purchase. MIDDLEFIELD® Flow-Through LPs focus on resource companies with attractive assets and led by experienced management teams. At maturity, the LPs are rolled tax-free into the multi-class family of Middlefield Mutual Funds Limited.
Dennis da Silva
Dennis da Silva Managing Director, Resource Group and Senior Portfolio Manager

Dennis da Silva has been managing resource markets for over 25 years, including Flow-Through LPs which is longer than any other Flow-Through LP portfolio manager. He has developed strong relationships with a vast number of Canadian resource companies and is regularly interviewed by the media for his outlook on the markets or perspective on individual issuers. He is an MBA graduate of the Schulich School of Business, York University.

Dennis da Silva is a frequent guest on BNN.
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