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Piecing It All Together
MIDDLEFIELD® Mutual Fund Family  
Key Tax Advantages of Middlefield's Corporate Class Funds  
Global Healthcare Dividend Fund   Fund codes: FE: MID325 / LL: MID327 / DSC: MID330 / F Series: MID326
Invests in dividend-paying securities of global issuers that derive a significant portion of their revenue or earnings from products or services related to healthcare.
INDEXPLUS Income Fund    Fund codes: FE: MID 435 / LL: MID 437 / DSC: MID 440 / F Series: MID 436
INDEXPLUS Income Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of equity income securities of which a portion tracks the S&P/TSX Composite High Dividend Index. The remainder of the portfolio is actively managed to enhance returns and reduce the risks associated with indexing, while maintaining low-cost exposure to the underlying equity income market.
Middlefield Global Infrastructure Fund   Fund codes: FE:MID 510 / LL:MID 519 / DSC:MID 520 / F Series:MID 501
Maximizes long-term total return by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies that own, develop, maintain or are involved in the global infrastructure sector.
Middlefield Income Plus Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 800 / LL:MID 849 / DSC:MID 850 / F Series:MID 801
Provides stable income and capital preservation through a diversified portfolio of equity and fixed-income securities.
Middlefield U.S. Dividend Growers Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 710 / LL:MID 719 / DSC:MID 720 / F Series:MID 701
Invests primarily in dividend paying equity and fixed income securities of U.S. issuers.
Middlefield Global Dividend Growers Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 181 / LL:MID 183 / DSC:MID 186 / F Series:MID 182
Invests primarily in dividend paying equity and fixed income securities of global issuers.
Middlefield Global Real Estate Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 600 / LL:MID 649 / DSC:MID 650 / F Series:MID 601
Provides a stable level of income and provides investors with exposure to the global and Canadian real estate sectors.
Middlefield Canadian Dividend Growers Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 148 / LL:MID 449 / DSC:MID 450 / F Series:MID 149
Invests in Canadian equity income securities with high growth potential.
Middlefield Global Sustainable Energy Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 125 / LL:MID 127 / DSC:MID 130 / F Series:MID 126
Invests in securities of issuers that operate in or have exposure to the sustainable energy sector.
Middlefield Global Agriculture Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 161 / LL:MID 163 / DSC:MID 166 / F Series:MID 162
Invests in securities with high growth potential operating in the agricultural sector and employs a value-oriented strategy.
Middlefield High Interest Income Class   Fund codes: FE:MID 400 / LL:MID 424 / DSC:MID 425
Provides interest income, while capital preservation and liquidity by investing in high quality fixed-income securities.
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