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Formed in 1979, MIDDLEFIELD® creates and manages specialized investment products for individual and institutional investors and has assets under management of approximately $4 billion. Investment products include ETFs, mutual funds, closed-end funds, hedge funds, real estate funds, private and public resource funds and a venture capital fund. Middlefield has 75 employees with offices located in Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco and London, England. Clients include Canadian and International financial institutions, corporations and individuals. Its services are provided in Canada primarily through Middlefield Limited, which is registered as an Investment Fund Manager with the Alberta Securities Commission, and Middlefield Capital Corporation, a member of the Canadian self-regulatory organization that regulates investment dealers, and internationally through Middlefield International Limited in London, England, which is registered as a member firm with The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. In addition to asset and investment management activities, the services provided by Middlefield include portfolio management, corporate finance, merchant banking, financial advisory and securities placement activities.

Middlefield Group's role in its fund management business includes the creation and structuring of investment products, the completion of offerings to investors, the identification, selection and monitoring of suitable investments, acting as registrar and transfer agent, monitoring regulatory compliance and providing reports to investors on operating and financial performance and for income tax purposes.

MIDDLEFIELD® has focused on and developed investment management expertise in real estate, healthcare, equity income securities as well as natural resources. In the real estate sector, MIDDLEFIELD® has been involved since its founding in all aspects of the industry. Activities encompass land acquisition, project design, construction, financing and leasing of real estate projects. Upon project acquisition or completion, ongoing property management services are provided through its affiliates. MIDDLEFIELD® has sponsored and manages 14 projects. Properties include approximately 1,500 residential units as well as commercial projects. Currently, about 1000 residential units and several limited partnerships are managed by MIDDLEFIELD®.

MIDDLEFIELD® has acted as agent or manager for over $2.5 billion of resource sector investments since commencing activity in this sector in 1983. MIDDLEFIELD® also has developed extensive expertise in the utilization of tax-advantaged forms of investment vehicles such as limited partnerships and flow-through share funds. Middlefield's resource experience includes: the management of 63 limited partnerships which invested in flow-through shares of resource companies; the management of a co-venture and two limited partnerships which own assets engaged in energy production, exploration and development; the co-founding of Morrison Middlefield Resources Limited (MMRL); and the management of several open-end and closed-end funds which focus on the resources sectors.

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