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Corporate Profile  
     Middlefield Group®  
  Middlefield International Limited  
Exchange-Traded Funds  
  Middlefield American Core Dividend ETF  
  Middlefield Healthcare & Life Sciences ETF  
  Middlefield Health & Wellness ETF  
  Middlefield REIT INDEXPLUS ETF  
Mutual Funds  
Middlefield Canadian Dividend Growers Class  
Middlefield Global Agriculture Class  
Middlefield Global Dividend Growers Class  
Middlefield Global Sustainable Energy Class  
Middlefield Global Healthcare Dividend Fund  
Middlefield Global Infrastructure Fund  
Middlefield Global Real Estate Class  
Middlefield Income Plus Class  
INDEXPLUS Income Fund  
Middlefield High Interest Income Class  
Middlefield U.S. Dividend Growers Class  
  ACTIVE Resources Income Fund  
  Middlefield Commodities & Agriculture Class  
Middlefield Enhanced Yield Fund  
Middlefield Global Growth Class  
Middlefield Global Healthcare Dividend Fund  
  Middlefield High Yield Class  
Middlefield Income and Growth Class  
Middlefield Index Income Class  
Middlefield Money Market Fund  
Middlefield Precious Metal Class  
Middlefield Resource Class II  
Middlefield Resource Class  
Middlefield Uranium Focused Metals Class  
Middlefield U.S. Growth Class  
TSX-Listed Funds  
Middlefield Can-Global REIT Income Fund  
Digital Consumer Dividend Fund  
E Split Corp.  
Global Dividend Growers Income Fund  
Global Innovation Dividend Fund  
Global Real Asset Fund  
Global Real Estate & E-Commerce Dividend Fund  
International Clean Power Dividend Fund  
MBN Corporation  
MINT Income Fund  
Real Estate & E-Commerce Split Corp.  
Sustainable Agriculture & Wellness Dividend Fund  
Sustainable Infrastructure Dividend Fund  
Sustainable Innovation & Health Dividend Fund  
Workplace Technology Dividend Fund  
ALBERTA FOCUSED Income & Growth Fund  
American Core Sectors Dividend Fund  
COMPASS Income Fund  
CORE IncomePlus Fund  
EQUAL SECTOR Income Fund  
European Focused Dividend Fund  
GMIncome & Growth Fund  
Globalance Dividend Growers Corp.  
Global Healthcare Dividend Fund  
Global Infrustructure Dividend Fund  
Global Real Estate Dividend Growers Corp.  
Healthcare & Life Sciences Dividend Fund  
Healthcare & Wellness Dividend Fund  
HTR Total Return Fund  
INDEXPLUS Income Fund  
INDEXPLUS 2 Income Fund  
INDEXPLUS Dividend Fund  
INCOME PLUS II Corporation  
MATRIX Income Fund  
MAXIN Income Fund  
MG Dividend & Income Fund  
Middlefield Bancorp Limited  
PATHFINDER Income Fund  
PATHFINDER Income Fund  
SAGE Income Fund  
STaRS Income Fund  
STRATA Income Fund  
Uranium Focused Energy Fund  
U.S. Dividend Growers Income Corp.  
VECTOR Energy Fund  
YIELDPLUS Income Fund  
Middlefield Flow-Through LPs  
     Discovery 2021 Short Duration LP  
     MRF 2021 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2021)  
     Discovery 2020 Short Duration LP  
     MRF 2020 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2020)  
     Discovery 2019 Short Duration LP  
     MRF 2019 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2019)  
     MRF 2018 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2018)  
   Discovery 2017 Flow-Through Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2017 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2017)  
   MRF 2016 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2016)  
   MRF 2015 CEE Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2015 CEE)  
   MRF 2015 CDE Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2015 CDE)  
   Discovery 2014 Flow-Through Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2014 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2014)  
   Discovery 2013 Flow-Through Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2013 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2013)  
   Discovery 2012 Flow-Through Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2012 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2012)  
   Discovery 2011 Flow-Through Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2011 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2011)  
   Discovery 2010 Flow-Through Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2010 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2010)  
   Discovery 2009 Flow-Through Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2009 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2009)  
   Discovery 2008 Flow-Through Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2008 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2008)  
   MRF 2007 II Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2007 II)  
   MRF 2007 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2007)  
   MRF 2006 II Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2006 II)  
   MRF 2006 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2006)  
   Explorer III Resource Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2005 Resource Limited Partnership (MRF 2005)  
   Explorer II Resource Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2004 Limited Partnership (MRF 2004)  
   Explorer Limited Partnership  
   MRF 2003 II Limited Partnership (MRF 2003 II)  
   MRF 2003 Limited Partnership (MRF 2003)  
   MRF 2002 II Limited Partnership (MRF 2002 II)  
   MRF 2002 Limited Partnership (MRF 2002)  
   MRF 2001 II Limited Partnership (MRF 2001 II)  
   MRF 2001 Limited Partnership (MRF 2001)  
   MRF 2000 Limited Partnership (MRF 2000)  
   MRF 1999 II Limited Partnership (MRF 1999 II)  
   MRF 1999 Limited Partnership (MRF 1999)  
   MRF 1998 III Limited Partnership (MRF 1998 III)  
   MRF 1998 II Limited Partnership (MRF 1998 II)  
   MRF 1996 II Limited Partnership (MRF 1996 II)  
   MRF 1996 Limited Partnership (MRF 1996)  
International Funds  
  Middlefield Canadian Income Trusts  
MIDDLEFIELD® Merchant Banking  
Middlefield Capital Corporation   (Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund)  
Middlefield Venture Group  
Private Client Services  
2M Energy Corp.  
Middlefield Real Estate Group  
Cutler Ridge  
Deer Run  
Harbour Glen  
Horizon on Bay  
Middlefield Corporate Suites  
Middlefield Furnished Offices  
Middlefield on the Park  
Summit Point  
Village Classics  
Sales and Rentals  
     Downtown Toronto  
   Thornhill (North)  
   Scarborough (East)  
   Markham (Northeast)  
   Mississauga (West)  
Middlefield Financial Services Limited  
  Real Estate Development  
Union Square Inc.  
  Real Estate Development  
Middlefield News  
Middlefield Press Releases  
Middlefield Financial Statements  
Middlefield Tax Notices  
Middlefield General Inquiries  
Middlefield Employment Opportunities  
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