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6 Specialized Investment Strategies From An Independent Equity Income Manager
Middlefield is a specialist equity income asset manager focused on high quality global dividend paying companies across a variety of sectors and investment themes. Our product offerings include ETFs, mutual funds, closed-end funds and split share funds.
We recently streamlined our open-ended product lineup (ETFs and mutual funds) in order to provide investors with cost effective, liquid and easily understandable exposure to six key areas in which Middlefield possesses a strong track record and extensive expertise. These strategies within the open-ended format complement our ongoing focus on bringing unique, value-added closed-end fund and split share IPOs to investors.
The following re-branded open-ended product shelf is intended to result in operational cost reductions by spreading fixed expenses over a larger base and better liquidity for unitholders. Furthermore, each of the following investment areas will be accessible in an ETF or mutual fund version to ensure financial advisors and investors can access Middlefield’s franchise of funds in the investment vehicle with which they are most comfortable.
6 Distinct Equity Income Strategies
Proven Dividend Focused Strategies that Span Tech, Healthcare, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Diversified Income with a special focus on ESG and Sustainability
Active ETFs (TSX Ticker) and Mutual Funds (F Series Code)
Middlefield Group   Middlefield Innovation Dividend Fund
  MINN | Coming June 2022
Middlefield Group   Middlefield Healthcare and Wellness Dividend Funds
  MHCD | HWF | MID3262  
Middlefield Group   Middlefield Real Estate Dividend Fund
  MREL | MID6011  
Middlefield Group   Middlefield Sustainable Infrastructure Dividend Fund
  MINF | MID5012  
Middlefield Group   Middlefield Global Sustainable Dividend Fund
  MDIV | MID1821  
Middlefield Group   Middlefield U.S. Equity Dividend Fund
  MUSA | MID7011  
RIA   Learn More About Middlefield’s ESG Policy
and Stewardship Principles Here
1 Corporate Class Mutual Fund
2 Mutual Fund Trust
Fund Changes Summary
The following diagram illustrates how we streamlined our open-ended product shelf by rebranding and merging various funds to reduce fees and increase liquidity in each fund.
Investment Theme Funds Impacted TSX
Mergers / Conversions to ETF
Mutual Fund
(F Series)
Equity Income
Digital Consumer Dividend Fund MDC.UN 1.10% RIA Middlefield Innovation Dividend
MINN 0.90% Coming June
Global Innovation Dividend Fund BL.UN 0.90%
Global Real Estate & E-Commerce
Dividend Fund
GEC.UN 1.00%
Real Estate
Equity Income
Middlefield Can-Global REIT Income Fund RCO.UN 0.75% RIA Middlefield Real Estate Dividend
MREL 0.75% MID6011
Middlefield REIT Indexplus ETF IDR 0.75%
Equity Income
Sustainable Infrastructure Dividend Fund INF.UN 1.25% RIA Middlefield Sustainable
Infrastructure Dividend ETF
MINF 1.25% MID5012
Global Diversified
Equity Income
Global Dividend Growers Income Fund GDG.UN 0.85% RIA Middlefield Sustainable Global
Dividend ETF
MDIV 0.85% MID1821
Equity Income
Middlefield Healthcare & Life Sciences ETF LS 0.85% N/A Middlefield Healthcare and
Wellness Dividend ETFs
0.85% MID3262
Middlefield Health & Wellness ETF HWF 0.85% N/A
U.S. Diversified
Equity Income
Middlefield American Core Dividend ETF ACZ 0.75% N/A Middlefield U.S. Equity Dividend
MUSA 0.75% MID7011
1 Corporate Class Mutual Fund
2 Mutual Fund Trust