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Middlefield Financial Services Limited & Union Square Inc. Real Estate Development Projects
Union Square Inc.

Middlefield Financial Services Limited is a fully integrated real estate investment banking and development company. The company has been in business for over 25 years and its employees, officers and directors are very experienced bankers and real estate professionals.

Union Square's success in real estate investment and development is built on a foundation of careful selection of quality real estate and ongoing professional property management. The company's real estate experience encompasses all stages of the development process including site selection, project design, construction, mortgage financing and tenant leasing.

Middlefield Financial Services Limited and Union Square Inc. currently have under development a new family community near Barrie, Ontario on Lake Simcoe. Other rental properties are located in Toronto, Ontario. Middlefield Financial Services Limited and others, including NextNine Limited (Click here to view website: nextnine.ca) are developing a new 9-hole golf course (the "Nextnine Golf Course"). Most of the land has been assembled for the new 9-golf Nextnine Golf Course at Big Bay Point on Lake Simcoe. Founding Golf Memberships are available for sale. Call for more information.

J.T. Brasseur
(416) 847-5352
  Location Map Big Bay Point, Lake Simcoe  
    Please click here for the video of the existing Big Bay Point Golf and Country Club 9-hole golf course and the proposed new 9-hole Nextnine Golf Cource across the road from the existing course.
    Please click here or the August 15, 2013 aerial video of Lake Simcoe Friday Harbour proposed Marina and Golf Course, the proposed new 9-hole NextNine Golf Course and the existing Big Bay Point Golf and Country Club 9-hole golf course.
  Please click here for the pictures of houses for rent in Toronto.
     Call Jeremy Brasseur at (416) 847-5352 for more information.
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