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The Trust has been designed to capitalize on the view that the domestic and U.S.-based oil and gas sector will continue over the next several years to benefit from a combination of global excess demand and diminishing supply. The Trust’s Portfolio (as defined below) will consist primarily of units of oil and gas royalty trusts supplemented by the common shares of Canadian and U.S.-based issuers operating in the energy sector. This asset allocation is intended to provide attractive current returns through the regular receipt of distributions received on Energy Related Trusts, while providing the potential for capital appreciation through the common share component of the Portfolio.

TSX Symbol VE.UN
Distribution Frequency Monthly
Inception Date April 19, 2005
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 Henry Groppe  
Get Ready for price rationing, oil guru says.
by David Parkinson
The Globe and Mail
September 15, 2006
Oil-Price Bubble Won't Burst This Time
by Diane Francis
Financial Post, April 14, 2005
  Henry Groppe - January 13, 2005  256k
  Henry Groppe - November 9, 2004  256k
  Henry Groppe - October 18, 2005  256k
  Garth Jestley - October 7, 2004  256k
Garth Jestley  
March 28, 2005
Garth Jestley

Leaders in Big-Five Sectors
National Post, February 14, 2005
Dean Orrico   Advisor.ca - Advisor Forum
October 22, 2004
Dean Orrico
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